A happy outcome of our 2010 whare tapere was the formation of the music group Reo. This group performed at our whare tapere on the 6th of February 2010, at a concert in the late afternoon and also as part of the dance work Te Krohirohi: The Light Dances. Reo comprises Horomona Horo, Al Fraser and James Webster (all on taonga pūoro) together with Erina Daniels and Charles Royal (voices). The group is completed by digital composer extraordinaire Paddy Free (of Pitch Black and latterly Salmonella Dub fame). The music of Reo utilises taonga pūoro, mteatea like chanting and digital textures to create ambient moods and atmospheres. We are particularly interested in deepening yet further the sound qualities and voices of taonga pūoro together with mteatea influenced chanting and, of course, the Mori language. Paddy provides various kinds of textures against which we play (including improvisations) and also introduces digital manipulations of our voices and those of the instruments. Earlier this year, we met at Piha to complete demo recordings of a number of our pieces and had another rehearsal at the School of Pacific Studies, University of Auckland. We hope to complete a new CD of this music later this year.


Tākaro are games and sports that were invented and developed in iwi communities in history.

The benefits of tākaro include:


The goal of this project is to develop a meaningful, successful and sustainable programme of tākaro activities as a contribution to the modern whare tapere.